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teacher66I’m Peter Barker and I worked as a bricklayer for 25 years and as a result I suffered regular pain with my neck, lower back and hip. I tried many different things to ease the pain but nothing gave me any lasting relief. When consulting a physiotherapist, he suggested that my problems were related to posture and so he recommended trying the Alexander Technique.

I accessed a teacher and after a few lessons, I began to feel the benefits. During these initial lessons, I realised that it was my habits that were causing the problems. Learning to be aware of these habits and stopping them with the teacher’s help became the road towards my recovery from pain and discomfort. With a new awareness, I applied the technique to my work and found it to be much more enjoyable. I discovered a new sense of ease as I worked because I paid attention to how I used myself.

Work in the building trade became scarce so this turned into an opportunity to pursue my interest in the Alexander Technique.

I qualified to teach the Alexander Technique after completing a full-time 3 year course at the Alexander Technique Training College in Galway, Ireland. I continue to attend workshops with leading teachers for continued professional development, e.g. The International AT Congress in Limerick in August 2015, with leading AT teachers from all over the world.

Now, as a qualified teacher, I assist both individuals and groups to become more aware of their use in activity so they can enjoy, and benefit from, the Alexander Technique as much as I do.