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Master The Art Of Running With The Alexander Technique

  • Video analysis
  • Reduce injury
  • Run with effortlessness
  • Raise your performance
  • Learn to run barefoot
  • Improve body awareness and posture
  • Release muscle tension

Peter takes Running classes based on Alexander Technique principals. He trained with world renowned Running coach and Alexander Technique teacher Malcom Balk, author of Master The Art of Running with The Alexander Technique.

Classes include video analysis highlighting our habits as we run and clearly seen when played back in slow motion. The most common fault is reaching foot in front of us and landing on our heel, each step acting like a brake slowing us down and we have to make more effort to get momentum built up again and also causing injury.

We want our feet to land more underneath us underneath our hips and the weight of our spines when we run. This allows the momentum we have built up take us forward without braking and so To run effortlessly and more efficiently.

Peter takes the class through drills and exercises to help us consciously land with our feet more underneath us in a more upright effortless posture and afterwards you will be able to see the improvement on video after practicing the drills.

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Private One-To-One Lessons

Single Lesson – £40
10 x Lessons paid in advance – £350 (Saving £50)

Online Lessons

Learn the Alexander Technique from the comfort of your own home with Zoom video consultations. Contact us to find out more.