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Ciaran, Construction Worker, County Tyrone

Ciaran works in construction and lifts heavy objects on a daily basis. In this video he talks of how Alexander Technique lessons help alleviate his back pain, completely relax and allows him to carry out his work more safely and comfortably.

John – Solicitor, County Armagh

John is a Solicitor , in this video he talks of how Alexander Technique lessons with myself have helped him in different ways

When I arrived to see Peter I had been suffering with neck and arm pain as a result of a torn disc in my neck. I had also been suffering with bilateral foot and ankle pain for the previous 2 years. In an attempt to achieve pain relief I had explored various options including regular physio appointments, but unfortunately achieved only minimal benefit. Having exhausted all standard options and even trying a few alternate therapies I was facing the option of spinal surgery.

I had read about the Alexander technique and although had tried to practice the technique on my own, I was lucky to discover Peter, a trained practitioner in the local area. I began sessions with Peter in Autumn and found his expert advice invaluable in guiding me correctly through the practice of the Alexander technique. Within a few sessions with Peter, and continued home practice, I began to feel significant release of muscle and fascial tension. I began to discover the various postures that were significantly exacerbating my issues and was enthused to be regaining my “normal body”. It is now late winter and I can go for walks, runs and even perform upper body strengthening exercises at a level that I could only dream of 6 months ago!

I am extremely grateful to Peter for his patience and guidance and would highly recommend the Alexander technique to anyone wishing to resolve pain and discover the true secrets to good posture.

Claire McKay


I started Alexander Technique lessons with Peter several months ago after realising that back pain and bad posture was affecting my horse riding. I was unable to sit straight in the saddle and my horse was reacting accordingly.

I am now far more balanced and feel the benefits not just in my riding but in all areas of my life. I would highly recommend Alexander Technique lessons to anyone who wants to have better posture, less pain and relaxation.

– Kate Worthington, Caledon


The Alexander Technique has given me a means of improving my posture, however without expert guidance, this is difficult to achieve. Peter explains the basis of good posture and demonstrates the Alexander Technique in a simple but meaningful manner. He has identified my misconceptions of good posture and increased my awareness of them. As an Alexander Technique teacher he has given me an understanding and specific direction on how to overcome these. His own experience of back pain has given him insight and makes him a very effective Alexander Technique Teacher.

Thank you Peter.

– Dr Paddy Kearney (MB MCH BAQ FRCPath) 


My Job involves sitting for sometimes 8 to 10 hours a day. Because of this I’ve suffered from a sore lower back and it limited my ability to do the things i enjoy like playing football. Physio helped a little but it was only when Peter showed me how to sit better/properly using The Alexander Technique that i got better.

I’m now back playing Football again which is great, thanks to the Alexander Technique.

-Matthew Jordan, Eglish

I suffered from bad sciatica and lower disk trouble, both prolapsed disks and a ruptured disk. This was due to playing competitive Football and sports, while not giving my body the necessary recovery it required.

The problems were managed for a year through physiotherapy and courses of cortisone injections but the problem hadn’t been solved, only eliminating the symptoms to allow me to continue playing. After a year of these processes my body finally gave in and I was told risky surgery was the only option with low success rates.

It was at this time that Peter suggested that i should try the Alexander Technique to try and rectify the problem. From the first session with Peter i started to become aware of my own posture and gradually saw noticeable improvements and relief with the pain and discomfort staying away without the need for injections or physiotherapy. Combing Peter’s knowledge along with regular exercise I am now back competing after spending two years on the sidelines and can complete all daily tasks pain free.

I would highly recommend the Alexander Technique to anyone has been suffering from similar problems or with poor posture to obtain lasting results using natural methods.

– Philip Barker, Dungannon